AngelSummit Americas brought together some 160 leaders for a two-day conference on the future of startup investing and ways to expand investment activity across the Americas. Speakers and attendees traveled from across the US, Canada, Europe and Latin America. This diverse group included investors, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, government and community leaders. 


We Launched 10X10K Cuba

The launch of the 10X10K Cuba contest, the first international startup competition for Cuban entrepreneurs, was a success. The timely visit of President Obama and the Cabinet to Cuba the week prior generated significant media attention for Cuba and Cuban entrepreneurship. This in turn provoked interest in the summit and the startup competition. The announcement received live coverage from CNN En Espanol, and other coverage by Univision, TechCrunch, and local and international Spanish-language media.  

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Miami lies at the intersection of South and North America. It sits at the nexus of numerous industries and draws creative talent as well as business leaders from around the globe. With a blossoming innovation community Miami is now ‘home base’ for emerging businesses across the Americas and a perfect backdrop for a conference on the ‘state-of-the-art’ in startup investing, and ways to accelerate investing both within and across borders.